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Is that how you say “LLandudno”?


One of my favourite things about living in London was the luxury of being able to take a weekend away; go somewhere different with ease. My friend Malicha and I wanted somewhere relaxed and alternative. So we chose Wales!

We took a train from London to Bangor, Gwynedd. We visited Bangor Pier which was a cute spot to enjoy. We had some lunch at Whistlestop on the Pier here where I had my first experience of the Welsh Rarebit. (I initially thought it’s spelled Rabbit lol).


After our late lunch we headed by train to our Airbnb house in Colwyn bay. The beach is a 10-minute run from our place and I thoroughly enjoyed how peaceful it was here in the morning.

The area is stunning and there are some interesting pubs and restaurants nearby. On our first night we actually ended up at a jazz club where they were serving authentic Italian pizza (straight from the wood-fired oven) and some fine wine.

The following day we explored Colwyn Bay.

How pretty!



Later on we checked out Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre: We learned that the Welsh pronounce Llandudno as chlan-did-no! You have to put the tip of your tongue on the back of your top front teeth, and blow a little spitty air around the edges of your tongue to make a lisping noise – so curious!!!

Anyways. it wasn’t snowing at the ski centre so we did Toboganning instead…

We also checked out Llandudno Pier:



The following day, we took a bus to Conwy. The main attraction here was Conwy castle:

A shot of the castle I decided to post on Instagram!

We also explored other sites and galleries in Conwy. PS: Welsh ice-cream rocks!!!

Conwy Suspension Bridge

On our final day we checked out the zoo, which was an experience and a half 🙂


This was an unexpectedly fun and enlightening trip – worth every moment! Furthermore, this was my cheapest trip during my time in Britain! I’d encourage anyone looking for something unique to do in the UK to visit Wales.