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Do you aspire to study in the United Kingdom?

Looking for pointers on how to get funding to study abroad?

Need help drafting  and reviewing personal statements/motivational letters?

Need advice (and coaching) on how to do well for scholarship interviews?

Need advice on the pre-departure process (all the admin!) for UK study?

If the answer is yes to at least one of these, then I’m your girl! Check out the testimonials below from these bright young ladies I helped with the Chevening scholarship application process:

Aurea Mouzinho, MSc Development Studies, SOAS, University of London (2018-2019)


“Sibahle held my hand throughout the long and intimidating application process. Her guidance played an instrumental role in my ultimately being awarded the Chevening Scholarship on my second trial. Based on her experience and careful observation, Sibahle patiently explained what Chevening looks for in candidates and helped me ensure that those aspects were reflected on my written answers and on my interview in a way that was truthful to my experience and objectives. I ran to her with any questions about the process, even after I was awarded the scholarship, and she was always welcoming to assist with those, indicating me to the right people or resources. It made a great difference having Siba’s guidance during my application. It gave me knowledge and confidence that I did not have on the first time I applied for the Scholarship.”

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Liziwe Ntshweza, MSc Development Economics , SOAS, University of London


“When I made the decision to apply for the Chevening scholarship, I reached out to Sibahle right away. As soon as I reached out to her she was incredibly generous with advice and support throughout the process. I think that the most valuable thing I gained from Sibahle was the review of my essay questions as well as the tips for the interviews. I don’t think I would have been awarded with the scholarship without her advice. She gave me practical advice on how to better answer the essay questions and all the advice was incredibly practical and made the process of editing my essays much easier. She told me exactly what it the reviewers would be looking for and how to structure my essay to ensure that I had covered all those critical areas.”

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Rose Tuyeni Peter, MSc in Health Economics and Decision Science, University College London (UCL)

Rose and Shable in London

“I actually heard about Chevening from Sibahle. I was visiting London while she was there and she told me all about the Scholarship, the awesome experience she was having and the inspiring people she was networking with from all over the world. She encouraged me to apply and I did so the following year (2017). Sibahle was kind enough to read and comment on not only my Chevening application essays, but my university application essays too. When I made it through the first round of selection, she gave me great advice and tips for the in person interview, which I found to be invaluable. Sibahle was truly generous with her time through out the process and gave honest and constructive feedback. Her knowledge of the process also helped to put me at ease by letting me know what to expect. I honestly believe Sibahle’s support contributed a lot to the success of my application.”

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