Does the Workplace Penalise Women for Being Mothers?

Back in 2017, I came across the term ‘Motherhood Penalty’ while conducting research on the gender wage gap. I was curious about why women tend to earn less than men on average – even if they hold the exact same position with the exact same level of skills and experience… The South African labour market … More Does the Workplace Penalise Women for Being Mothers?

The State of A Nation Depends on Its Currency

Happy Monday Everybody! This post is special because I’m not the author. Instead, it has been written by a young economist with a passion for making economics simple and relatable. Considering South Africa’s current poor economic performance – high unemployment rates, rising inequality and poverty – this article provides valuable insight and perspective. Do enjoy! … More The State of A Nation Depends on Its Currency

Dubai is a Desert

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear someone say, “I’m going to Dubai”? Luxury shopping, modern architecture, Burj Khalifa Tower, the lively nightlife, flawless looking humans? Well, let’s backtrack a bit for some history… After the Great Depression in 1929 caused a collapse in the international pearl market, emir Sheikh Saeed looked … More Dubai is a Desert

Winter Survival Kit

If you’re based in South Africa or just visiting, you may already feel the temperatures start to drop (more especially at night). Winter is almost here! Whilst staying home and hiding under the bed covers with the heater on is necessary, socially isolating ourselves can eventually leave us feeling unhappy rather than relaxed. Winter is … More Winter Survival Kit

What about Dr. Sebi?

Most of you have now heard about the tragic passing of American rapper and songwriter, Nipsey Hussle. Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends… There exists suspicion that Nipsey’s death is connected with his goal to highlight the medical accomplishments of Dr. Sebi in a documentary. Whether this is truth or not is for discussion … More What about Dr. Sebi?