20 Top Locations to Travel in 2020

It’s so-called ‘Janu(worry)’, and most of you are back at work! Chances are the last thing on your mind (and bank account balance) right now is where to travel this year. With this reality in mind, instead of just ticking off some random checklist, it’s wise to plan a trip by considering first what you love to do and when you’ll need a break.

For your convenience, I conducted some research to list 20 destinations for 2020 (with stunning photos) that are worth the planning… and the spend!.

For a Mid-year Break

1. Montenegro
As a Balkan country which uses the Euro currency, Montenegro is still cheaper than both Italy or Greece for tourists.

In Podgorica and the coastal area where most visitors spend time, many people speak English.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark
Out of all the places I’ve visited thus far, Denmark is still one of my faves. Beautiful views, yummy food and a calm ambience…


Copenhagen is also ideal if you’re traveling with kids!

3. Mozambique!

This region offers the perfect getaway or escape from the big city.


TIP: May to September offers great beach weather. If you can, squeeze in a visit to Gorongosa National Park for some prime wildlife viewing.

For some Festive vibes
4. The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan

I can’t think of a better time to immerse yourself in this vibrant city!


5. Dubai World Expo

Dubai is already a popular destination: it’ll be even better during the World Expo when humans from almost every nation of the world will be present. Get involved!


6. Ethiopia
Ethiopia is perfect for the curious traveler! Lalibela, Aksum and Addis Ababa = Culture, History and Stunning landscapes.


7. Ghana

Ghana is rich in arts and culture, with a vibrant economic hub.

Nkrumah Memorial Park

I am personally coming here next December for Afrochella 2020!

8. Budapest, Hungary

Renowned for its natural water springs, come relax in the baths after a long day of sight-seeing.


TIP: Best weather is from mid-April through June and the wine harvest season is from September to mid-October.

For the Serenity seekers
9. Wales, United Kingdom

I visited here back in 2017 and everything about the region blew me away – the seaside, the warm welcome and great service I’ll never forget my tobogganing experience at Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre; and my most memorable site – Conwy Castle! You don’t want to miss out on the authentically Welsh experience.

Conwy Castle, Wales

10. Cairo, Egypt

The largest metropolis of the Arab world should definitely be on your wish list. The recently established Grand Egyptian Museum is at the top of my list when I visit Egypt!


11. Lombok, Bali

This part of the region is less crowded, cheaper and offers more island-hopping spots than the more popular Ubud.



For the adventure-lovers
12. Botswana Salt Pans (Maun)
Also known as Makgadikgadi basin, apparently the twice-daily guided excursions here are thrilling!

TIP: In the dry winter season, tourists can zoom across the pans on quad bikes or camp under the stars near Kubu Island.

13. Tangier, Morocco


If you’re adventurous in the sense that when you travel you immerse yourself fully in arts, music food, culture of the destination, Morocco is the place to be!

‘Off the beaten track’ kind of travel
14. Georgetown, Guyana

As South America’s only English speaking country, Guyana offers a unique cultural experience.

Georgetown Guyana

15.Mokpo, South Korea

Known as a starting point for sea voyages, Mokpo is an untouched Korean treasure worth your attention.

A city well-known for its beautiful sunrises


16. Maldives

This island is known as the environmental protection trailblazer. The inviting sea colour says it all!


TIP: A great destination for water sports!

17. Antalya, Turkey

With plenty of things to do here, beach lovers and history buffs will both leave satisfied. Not as popular as Instanbul, but still as magical.



Spots which tend to be ‘Overlooked’

18. Vancouver, Canada

Considered one of North America’s most under-rated tourist destinations, Vancouver offers majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage in a multi-cultural setting.

19. Dakar, Senegal.

Senegal is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and has the tallest statue in Africa and the smallest National Park in the world. #africangiant

African Renaissance Monument

20. South Africa!

Besides its top attractions which include Cape Town, my home country has the most beautiful gems in regions such as Clarens in the Free State and The Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast.

Hole in the Wall, Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape

Are any of these listed destinations on your bucket list? Please share by commenting below.

The next blog post will share some unconventional travel hacks to help make your 2020 travel dreams more budget and logistics friendly 🙂

Cheers to more adventure in 2020!

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  1. A beautiful read Siba, thank you!🙂 I actually didn’t know about Afrochella in Ghana and I would love to plan to go there with some friends. It’s really lovely that you have written this piece in the beginning of the year because it gives one time to decide and plan for traveling financially, which is great. Thank you Siba😃

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