Winter Survival Kit

If you’re based in South Africa or just visiting, you may already feel the temperatures start to drop (more especially at night). Winter is almost here!

Whilst staying home and hiding under the bed covers with the heater on is necessary, socially isolating ourselves can eventually leave us feeling unhappy rather than relaxed. Winter is a great opportunity to strike a healthy balance between hibernation time and trying out new activities. So here are some tips to help you thrive this winter…

Harmonise with the season. Accept that it is going to get colder, and sometimes wet in some regions.


Tackle some of those personal projects you couldn’t prioritise before because you were out and about in the summer time! Read more, write, take an online course, try arts and crafts.


The reality is that the 9-to-5 working demographic still have to wake up early for work but stay up late: To avoid feeling tired and unmotivated during the day: try working in high lit office environments. If this is not possible, step outside for a few minutes during lunchtime to catch some sun rays.


Then get some quality sleep when you do go to bed by making sure your sleep environment is as dim as possible. Sleeping masks help with this!


Take special care if you work from home, or alone, as loneliness can lead to symptoms of depression. Maintain relationships by creating recurring engagements: diarise a weekly coffee date with a friend or network. You’ll soon see this as a schedule staple.

Don’t let the couch be your main post this winter. Find activities that will force you to be busy. Join a book club, volunteer at a local organisation, or even host a movie party.

Learn new recipes for hearty soups, stews and roasts.


Many of us can’t afford to jet off to a tropical island or Europe for the week, so check out local events at museums, art galleries or theatre productions.

If you can afford a short trip somewhere on the African continent, chase the sun and take an off-season vacation! Kenya, Morocco and Cape Verde remain sunny in the winter time.

Malindi, Kenya

Treat yourself to a meal at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try – maybe one with a fireplace!

Throw a low-key winter party with your friends. Wholesome food and games will definitely warm you up.


Splurge on a visit to a local spa for a massage, or a day lounging in the hot tubs and saunas. Try find a good deal online.

I am a fan of comfort food in the winter time: If you’re not keen on piling on kilos to insulate you from the cold this season, then prioritise snacks such as nuts, popcorn, biltong, apple slices & peanut butter, dark chocolate, kale chips, crackers with guacamole/hummus, etc. over typical junk food!

Stay hydrated. Have some hot water with a slice of lemon or orange. Herbal teas are also good.

Stay moisturised! Personally, I swear by good old Petroleum jelly, Glycerine or some organic Shea butter!


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Indoor exercise. You don’t need to trek all the way to the gym to do squats, lunges, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc. Grab an exercise mat and do your thing at home!

Still go outside and be active! Go for a quick walk or run and come home to a warm shower. You’ll feel so great afterwards.

Take this chance to re-energise and restore. Some mid-year reflection is never a bad idea.

I hope this post helps you embrace the chilly season and create an adventure out of it!


Got more winter survival tips, please comment below!

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