Holidays on Your Mind?

It’s that time of the year when most of you are finalizing your holiday plans. I know some of you are busy googling things to do in Mozambique, what to wear in Dubai, how to get around in Zanzibar, best nightlife spots in Nairobi, etc.! #wanderlust

To help you out, I thought I’d share some travel tips!


Let’s first kick off with some general pointers, then break it down for those traveling to beach destinations such as Mozambique, Thailand and Mauritius.

  1. Use your friends and networks as a resource. If you have a friend or colleague who has traveled to that particular destination before, ask them what they liked, what they wish they had known, etc. Who knows, one of them might even have some currency left over from their trip that they can pass on to you! #winning
  2. Pack light. Pack the essentials and you’ll have more room in your suitcase for items you purchase during your trip.
  3. Learn basic phrases in the native language of your destination: ‘Mambo…poa’; for those going to Tanzania. ‘Sawadee ka’ if you’re going to Thailand, ‘Brigada’ to say thanks in Portugese, etc. Locals really appreciate the effort. This can earn you a few favours during your trip too!
  4. If you’re flying economy, make sure you have (dry) snacks for your journey. Especially if you have a lay-over, nuts, biltong, dried fruit, Pringles, etc. will keep you going!
  5. Upon arrival, be super polite with hotel/airport transfer staff and ask questions. They have insight that might really come in handy!


6. Try new food! As far as you can, refrain from eating the same things you’re used to at home. Be adventurous (within bounds of course). It makes your experience all the more richer!

7. Take free walking/sightseeing tours.

During my trip to Thailand, we went on a complimentary tour an agent at our hotel encouraged us to try. We saw Big Buddha, the Cashew nut factory, the Bee farm, played with Bella the elephant, checked out the Sea famous pearl factory, ended up at cheap markets, etc. This really got us better oriented with Phuket town!


8. Be respectful of local culture. If you’re going to a Muslim or Buddhist nation for example, be mindful of dress code, more especially near mosques and temples. Have a light scarf or sarong handy just in case.

9. Try public transport. You’ll feel like a local!

Tuk-tuk anyone?

10. Wear sunscreen and always have an extra USB charger. This is NB, peeps…

For those heading to beach destinations such as Bali,  the Seychelles, Mozambique, or even Cape Town if you’re keeping it local, this might come in handy for you:


  • Have a swimsuit for each day. Wear it underneath your clothes in case you end up at the beach later in the day and want to take a dip! #stayready
  • Drink lots of fluids: less coffee/(black) tea; more water and freshly squeezed juice!


  • Keep an eye out for discounts at restaurants and on sightseeing (e.g. speedboat cruise): if you love activities, this can end up adding up to quite a lot of savings for you.
  • Traveling with kids? Pack a small spray bottle filled with vinegar in your beach bag. If anyone gets stung by a jellyfish, vinegar takes the sting out.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner to your hair. Both the sun and salt water can cause damage to your hair, and they can harm your color, too.
  • Use lip balm. The sun, heat and salt water at the beach can dry your lips out, so ensure you regularly apply a lip balm containing SPF sun protection.
  • In some top shelling destinations taking live shells can land you a hefty fine. So make sure you’re allowed to take them home in that particular country/island.
  • Baby powder if you are spending hours at the beach: Sprinkle it on your skin and any clinging sand will fall right off!
  • Going snorkeling, rafting, parasailing, or water-skiing? Please make sure your swimwear fits snugly to avoid any ‘slippages’ if you know what I mean, lol! #mindthewaves

Ok, let’s park things here for now. Stay tuned for my next post with tips for travel in more metropolitan destinations such as Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok this festive!


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  1. #hellosummer
    Some of us are just heading down the road to Yzerfontein, but your tips are just as useful 🌻. Definitely trying that leave-in conditioner hack!


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