Myndela Art by Vusi Mbulali

Mzansi’s very own Picasso (or should I maybe say Van Gogh) graces us with the Nelson Mandela centenary visual art exhibition: A collection of 100 breathtaking portraits!

In 2003, Vusi Mbulali found afreedom in art and started representing Mandela in curious ways! He usesdifferent media techniques, styles and theme in each piece. Each piece tells astory, not only of Mandela and his journey, but it also carries elements ofSouth Africa’s history as well. It’s amazing how through each ‘face’ of Madiba,Vusi manages to also tell a story. “In one portrait you can see a landless farmer, in another a gardener, and in another a mineworker…” So gripping!

My favourite piece from the collection is what I call ‘Khoi San Mandela’ It’s so important to recognize this part of Madiba’s heritage. Mandela did carry some of the unique features of our indigenous South Africans.

You might wonder: are any of these pieces for sale? The answer is NO! All Nelson Mandela portraits are copyrighted. We do hope nonetheless that these treasures will find a home where South African nationals and visitors alike can come and indulge their senses…

This is by far one of the best art exhibitions I’ve seen in my life thus far – domestically and internationally. What a dynamic artist!

On the first night of the exhibition (last week), we were fortunate enough to be gifted with Vusi’s ‘gallery book’ which includes all of Vusi’s 100 masterpieces:

Perfect for the coffee table!

You can still see Vusi Mbulali’s work at the Mall of Africa in Midrand, Gauteng, until this Wednesday the 21st of November 2018. Do yourself a favour and go!

Learn more about Vusi Mbulali and his amazing work on the following link:

Also follow the hashtag #vusimbulaliart.

Professional images by  Supa X GODesign

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