Food, Glorious Food!

Cacao smoothies and Goji berries; Moringa and Hemp powder; Matcha tea  and Turmeric lattes, Chia seeds, Maca powder… the list goes on! Those are names of popular ‘superfoods’ we are promised are packed with nutrients to keep you healthy and energized! Superfoods or whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined; filled with high levels of naturally … More Food, Glorious Food!

Make the Circle Bigger?

So this post follows on from the previous post about Cape Town’s cliquey nature. This post responds to some comments you gave, chat about the existence of clique-ness within groups, and then talks about what people have done to survive in spite of the social exclusion. Cliques can form within similar groups. A friend explained that as … More Make the Circle Bigger?