27 Thoughts at 27

I turn 27 today. I know Mama will phone me at 2pm because that is the exact time I was born…

For the longest time, 27 was an age of culmination to me: I thought I’d have it all figured out by now – career wise, property ownership-wise, relationship-wise, etc. I’m over that though because in this life you must remember: OWN RACE OWN PACE! So here are 27 thoughts currently on my mind – in no particular order 🙂
1. Wine is amazing, but red wine specifically doesn’t do my tummy any justice these days. Neither does dairy or wheat either… not sure if it’s an age thing hahahahaha!

2. My older sisters are my guardian angels in human form… and my main blessers lol!!!

3. I Know My Tribe. Friends you can be vulnerable with, who pick you up from the airport; cook you dinner when you’re strapped for cash;  who support your goals. Friends who comfort you when you mourn, and celebrate with you when you celebrate… Such are more valuable than gold!!!

4. Don’t undermine wisdom and counsel from those older than you. They have the advantage of experience!
5. Be a steward of your time. Less social media; rather more time spent reading, working on side projects, spending time with those you love. #beproductive
6. Health is wealth! Invest in it.
7. My laughter is my superpower. Know yours!
8. I have the potential to be a coffee addict – must keep thyself in check!

9. It’s okay to say NO – boundaries are essential for a balanced life.
10. Find something that makes you happy and do it often. For me it’s travel, writing and dancing!!!
11. If you don’t have peace about something, then it’s probably not the right thing for you: Let it go!
12. Not everything that glitters is gold. Choose purpose over what’s popular… career over coins! #Slay in your lane and you’ll see rewards.
13. I am a human being with many flaws… I will continue to make mistakes, like everybody else. #workinprogress #stayhumble
14. I have hurt and/or disappointed others too. I must learn to have the grace to forgive those who have hurt me #Freedomofforgiveness
15. There’s more to life than money. Most of the items I own and treasure are gifts from loved ones; most of the international trips I’ve ventured on were sponsored by third parties; the dinners I’ve enjoyed most were hosted by loved ones; the times I’ve laughed the most were because of my hilarious friends rather than a comedy show/movie. In other words, Your Network is Your Net Worth!
16. What is meant for you will come to you – it’s just a matter of TIMING.
17. You get what you give. You reap what you sow. Some people call it karma
18. A smile costs you nothing and can change the course of your day.

19. Be kind to yourself. You need to love yourself in order to love your neighbour.
20. A soft answer turns away wrath. Be respectful with your response to others. Sometimes it helps to think things through before you react. #dontburnbridges
21. Prioritize your mental health. If it’s not a therapist or psychologist you see, have a mentor or life coach as a sounding board.
22. The older I get, the more I prefer nights indoors over nights out. No FOMO here!
23. Don’t be afraid to try new things. It took me a while to start blogging because I feared failure, now I can’t wait to upload more posts! So apply for that position, start that business. #Bebrave
24. Remain grateful. Yes there are tons of challenges & disappointments in life. Regardless,  it’s a blessing just to wake up in the morning and go for a run; to Skype an old friend on the other side of the world. Celebrate the small things! #blessed

25. The more I give of my time, resources, skills to others; the more my capacity to keep doing that grows. It is better to give than to receive.

26. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You get to learn so much and end up forging such good relationships with those who help you. #weneedeachother

27. I am a happier, bolder, ambitious young woman because I have an amazing father.  Never have I doubted how much Tata loves me, and that’s a privilege! #Daddy’sGirl
I hope some of these thoughts listed above resonate with you, or at least make you smile today.
Cheers to 27!!!

7 thoughts

  1. As for the dairy and wheat – yes I think it’s an age thing. It develops over time and as we become older, our bodies become more sensitised to what we take in to them. It happened to me around the same age as well. What was difficult was having to explain to people why all of a sudden, after years of having no problems with wheat or dairy, I was suddenly changing my diet. “It’s in your head” is what they used to tell me, or they’d say, “Uyazi shuna.” Had to learn to listen to and trust what my body was telling me. Now I feel much healthier, I dropped unnecessary weight over time and have kept it off naturally. I feel that I have far less need for supplements as well now. Sugar will be the next thing your body naturally wants to divorce itself from, probably.

    I’m just glad the red wine bit hasn’t been my portion…the torture would surely be the end of me LOL!

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  2. Number 5 is my favourite. It’s the difference between a weekend well spent or one that feels like it was stolen from you. Happy birthday Siba xx

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  3. Sibahle this is awesome! Thank you for starting the blog. I resonate with a lot of points in this particular post. As I also reflect…

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  4. Such fullness and wisdom coming through. I benefited hugely from reading and pondering the 27 thoughts and will share. Much love to a special person.

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